As you may recall we liked the  Ex-Pro® ACK-DC110  when we reviewed it recently, but had one minor issue with it (well more to do with the Canon G7x technically). Although the power supply worked well, we could not fully close the battery compartnment door with the mains power supply installed. Some manufacurers do have cable access for the battery compartment doors, but our G7x (a Mark III) did not.

Battery compartment door not shutting
…doesn’t quite shut

However, whilst trying to fix a different problem (how to add a microphone to the G7x) we also managed to find a solution to this issue. The Uurig L Extention Bracket for this camera allows you to add a coldshoe to the side of the camera for attaching accessories (such as mics and lights). However what it also does is move the 1/4 inch mounting thread on the bottom of the camera slightly to one side, away for the battery compartment door. This has now allowed us to fully tighten our tripod mount to the camera whilst allowing the battery door to be fully open, eliminating any strain on it.

Extension bracket attached to the underside of the camera
Extension bracket attached to the underside of the camera…
now the cable is free to leave the bottom of the camera without having to close the door
…now the cable is free to leave the bottom of the camera without having to close the door

So, we have a more functional G7x, and a better tripod mounting postion. Thanks Uurig!

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